Athlete Spotlight
Brigit Norris, Women’s Physique Athlete
2017 NPC Southeast Classic
-After you competed in the NPC Southeast Classic what did you think of the experience?
It was a very well put together show, which the promoters were directly involved, and the expeditors made it extremely comfortable backstage and just all around FUN, which is what this sport is supposed to be.

-Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep?
Absolutely!! After being sick & unable to train for 12 days in March, I think I accomplished a lot!!

-Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?
Southeast Classic was my 10th show, throughout my competitions over the last 3 years I have placed anywhere from overall to 4th.

-What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration and motivation?
My inspiration will always be Mike Felling. I always want to be and bring my best to stage for him

-Plans to do another show? If so which one and what division if you currently know?
Hopefully if all goes well for my short off-season I will attend the Outdoor Classic in September.

What is the best way for fans to follow you?
Through my shared page with Mike Felling: IG @brigimikey717
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