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Featured Athlete Series

Featured Athlete Series

Aria Adamy

Aria Adamy IFBB Bikini Pro Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro

1. After you competed in the Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro what did you think of the experience?

The Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro was the most fun I had at a competition this year. It was Halloween weekend and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. I dressed up in costume for Meet the Pros and had a second costume for the after party. I had so much fun dressing up that it took a lot of pressure off the competition. Mel Chancey was excited for his inaugural show and very grateful and his appreciation showed! I have competed in a few Tim Gardner shows, both as an NPC and IFBB Bikini athlete, and Tim always treats the athletes very well. The shows are organized and well run, the goody bags are a nice treat, the medallions and trophies are beautiful and there was even an athlete buffet! I got to meet and take a picture with Hulk Hogan! The venue and host hotel were beautiful and within walking distance from each other. I am making plans to compete at the 2017 Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro and already thinking of my costume!

2. Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep?

Yes. My goal for this prep was to have fun and improve my stage presence. This was only my third IFBB competition and dressing up in costume helped to take the pressure off competing among more seasoned pros.

3. Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?

I started competing in NPC bikini in 2012. I took 2014 off competing and focused on building a solid foundation and my metabolic capacity with my current coach, Layne Norton. I made a comeback to the NPC stage in 2015, eventually earning my national qualification in August and finishing 5th at the 2015 NPC Nationals in Miami. I took almost eight months off but was ready to go for my IFBB Pro Card at the 2016 NPC Masters Nationals. I became an IFBB Bikini Pro on July 23, 2016!!!

Since then I've competed four times as an IFBB Pro, placing within the top five every time. I just received my 2017 IFBB Pro Card and I can't wait to compete next year!

4. What is your principle source of motivation and inspiration?
My coach, Layne Norton, is my main source of motivation and inspiration. He has changed my life and I wouldn't be competing if it weren't for him. Over the past three years, he has never given up on me and shown me through his own struggles to never quit.

5. Any plans for specific competitions in 2017 that you can share?
LOL, of course! I'm anxiously awaiting the final decision for the 2017 Bikini International invites. I know I'm a new IFBB Pro but I'd be honored and humbled to represent the IFBB on the prestigious Arnold stage.

2017 will be an amazing year because I'll be taking the stage in my dream competition, the IFBB NY Pro. Ever since I started competing, I've wanted to compete at the NY Pro. When I realized it wasn't an NPC competition and I had to earn my IFBB Pro Card, a fire was lit and I'm super excited to fulfill a dream that's been years in the making.

6. What is the best way for fans to follow you?
My Instagram account is where I post my competition (and some random non competition) info @ariashine.

Aria Adamy IFBB Bikini Professional
Aria Adamy IFBB Bikini Professional