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Brian DeGaglia

1. After you competed in the NPC Beach Bodies & Gainesville Classic here in Florida. What did you think of the experience?
Beach bodies was truthfully probably my favorite show... not because of the caliber but rather Rick and Donna built me up and made me feel like a real competitor! They made me feel like it was an honor to them for me to show there but truth is I was honored just to be allowed! They opened up the opportunity for me to love on first time competitors and give a little back of what's been invested into me these past couple of years! Their heart is all in this sport and that is what makes their show so special... they are real! I didn't say perfect, I said real! Another is Pete Fancher... as direct as he comes across, I see a man who's invested his life into competing and the competitors, and has a legacy and love for this that only experience has gained him! And for that he'll always have my respect and deep admiration! Plus I think some of my best pictures came from that show... wouldn't be because you were the photographer or anything!

Brian DeGaglia Bodybuilding

That was probably my hardest show physically coming straight from NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh! And Rick looked after me like I was a son not just an entry! It means tons... at least to me! Pete and Rick allowed me the privilege to share my story and encourage fellow competitors in our evening meeting, and it always is uplifting if something you say or live helps encourage others to be better!

2. Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for those preps?
I did but didn't accomplish what I set forth this season... My body progressed and got better and better throughout a long 9 month season... but I didn't achieve that Pro-card! Masters Nationals is where I came closest placing 3rd with a 4 point separation from 1st, and Jr USA's I was a point split for 1st but no pro card is given there for BB! Nevertheless to me it's a win to be even that close, I have only improved from year to year and stage to stage, and all the competition is simply amazing in my eyes at that level... I often stand back stage in awe of the physiques! I think to myself what in the world am I doing here... these guys are so massive! But I do my best, and do battle on stage to present a crisp and joyful package... leave the rest to the judges! All in all its been a great season, and the feedback I've gotten from the critique judges have all been very positive with areas of improvement that I can control... so you know what? I focus on working on my weaknesses while continuing to detail my strengths! To succeed you must learn to listen... love the sport... and simply lift each time like its the very last opportunity!

3. Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?
Competition history...wow that's a tall order
I did my first contest prep never being introduced to the possibility of competing and started July 2014 and did back to back shows the Gainesville Classic then the Daytona Beach Classic September 20th & 27th where I place a 3rd and 4th in an open class.
2015 I did 7 shows taking my first 1st place in the welterweight division at the Panhandle showdown and coming a point split in the overall to a nasty heavyweight! 2 weeks later did the Gateway Classic taking my class as a middleweight and the overall in open BB! Did it again at the Florida Grand Prix in south Florida winning my class in both masters and middleweight open, followed by an overall win! Got approached by an ifbb judge during breakfast at the host hotel the following morning saying you need to see how you rank on a National stage, so we went to Charleston SC for Jr's the following weekend where I placed 7th in a stacked open class... 1 spot behind the guy who beat me at both shows in 2014... but I was edging closer! That becomes important in 2016 where I looked up to him so much I made him a focal point of my training and worked to finally beat him on stage at Jr USA's the following year! By the way, I had to go up against him at the Mid Florida Championships where I tested a different way of peaking the body and faced him in my masters class where once again he was dominant over me but I came in as a light-light heavy weighing a whopping 178 at weigh ins... I did that on purpose so I could help a first time competitor and teammate backstage who was coming in the middleweight class! And had the great privilege to lose standing next to the great Jamie Ibone and people like Paul Southern... experiences you'll never forget! And I finished the season at Team Universe where I placed 6th in my Masters Class and 10th in Open Middleweight! Fun times, especially NYC afterwards during the 4th of July with my family there!
So in 2016 I set a goal to train with the National Stage as a focus where I did Florida Grand Prix as my warm up followed by Juniors where I got 2nd in open! It's on now I thought... first time I felt confident with what I was able to bring to the stage... not back stage, just afterwards haha!Next was Team Universe again where I place almost exactly the same as the year before! But once again the time after in NYC was amazing! After that I tested Masters Nationals where I got 3rd in my class, Thursday show... flew home on Friday to compete in The Beach Bodies Classic where I got a double overall in both masters and open. Went the following back to where it all started for me The Gainesville Classic as a thank you to Tony Curtis and the cause he stands for with that show, a man who has been a bigger influence on me in this sport then he probably realizes! Truthfully I have been very blessed with the surroundings of mentors we have in the central district!!!!! Had to fit to prep my oldest daughters wedding 2 weeks after that, which made things interesting, and finished up the season at North Americans 3 weeks after that, where I think my coach Clay Parker brought me in with the best conditioning I ever seen on my physique! I only placed 6th in 35 masters, 7th in 40 masters, and 13th in open... My best conditioning ever, and not the greatest placing in a national show attests to two things... 1. The great opportunity this sport has to achieve you goals and 2. The awesome physiques you'll have the opportunity to do battle with on that stage!

4. Plans to do more shows in 2017? If so which ones if you currently know?
Yes! Although I don't have everything mapped out exactly... I do know the current plan is to utilize the time given to make the proper adjustments to conform to the feedback given on what my panel of judges are looking for! Leaving me to shorten my season to a warm up show (not sure where at yet though) followed by another run at Masters Nationals and North Americans! Maybe more... it's hard to stay away from something you enjoy so much!

5. Can we share a point of contact for fans and if so what would that be? Maybe a social media account?
Best way of social media I have where I post a lot of my journeys in BB is my instagram page npc_briandegaglia... I am also on Facebook as Brian DeGaglia!