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Featured Athlete

Dilrukshi Salman Arachchige

1. After you competed in the NPC Hurricane Bay what did you think of the experience? I am in love with this sport.

2. Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep? Yes I believe I did.

3. Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future? I am planning to continue competing, next year I am hoping to compete in national qualifying competition, I am not sure which one quite yet. 

4. Plans to do another show? If so which one and what division if you currently know? I am hoping to compete in Bikini Novice category, Bikini Class-A short and also over Masters Over-30.

5. Contact information: Instagram- Dilrus_fit__life


NPC Hurricane Bay Championships 2016

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Dilrukshi Salman Arachchige
Dilrukshi Arachchige