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Featured Athlete Series

Featured Athlete Series
Emilliano “EJ” Kaku
2017 NPC Jax Physique

After you competed in the Jax Physique what did you think of the experience?
I absolutely loved it! The entire event totally surpassed my expectations of how a show is supposed to go. Being that Jax Physique 2017 was my first show, I learned a ton!  There were so many great Athletes and amazing looking competitors there.  Not only did everyone bring great looking physiques, but everyone were really helpful especially the Competitors that have done shows before!  Everyone gave tips and advice on what to do on stage and even on how to improve after the Competition. The Jax Physique Staff were amazing to work with and they definitely know how to put on a great event.

Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep?
Going into preparation for Jax Physique was a challenge in itself.  The first month or so, I really had to learn "diet"!  Haha, I thought I was eating too much and I even told my prep coach that I felt like I'm force feeding myself! But after awhile my body adapted and I began to feel the effects of proper nutrition....in a good way!

The results came really fast and I started to love who I saw in the mirror!  Training for this prep was no easy task neither. Although I just love to workout and train, it took my body a little while to adjust from how I training before (CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting) to get used to training for aesthetics.  Again, I stayed with and worked hard and saw the results and it made only train and diet harder! The entire prep was a great success, thanks to my Coach, Willie Green!  He kept me on track and was/is one of my biggest supporters! I really learned a lot from this prep as far as diet and training go, and its only going get better!

Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?
I am blessed to say that Jax Physique is the first show Ive done. I really had a great experience and would love to compete for them again!  I am prepping for my next show, sometime in the near future, in August or November, and would love to get Nationally Qualified!  That is the first big step I need to accomplish in order to move on to my next big goal, to become IFBB Pro!  That is in my plans for now as far as competing goes!

What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration and motivation?
There are many things that drive me to do what I do everyday!  My Dad passed a couple of years ago from a heart attack.  He suffered from years of bad health issues and bad lifestyle habits.  I know if he took better care of himself, by exercising and having a better diet, that I would still be able to hear him and talk with him today!  I look at my children and I want to be there for them for the rest of their lives, and get to play with my grandchildren or even great grandchildren, God willing!  I do this not just for myself, but for Fathers everywhere! I want to motivate and inspire them to live healthier lifestyles, because it doesn't only effect them, but their families as well!   So, in essence my late Father, Jamyn Kalani Kaku, is my greatest source of inspiration and motivation!

Plans to do another show? If so which one and what division if you currently know?
As of right now, I have my sights set on a show on November 4th in St. Augustine, FL called "All South", in the Men's Physique Division. Its a National Qualifier and I also have some buddies competing in that show!  I may compete a little sooner, if I can find the right show around August time frame, as well! 

What is the best way for fans to follow you?
I am so honored and it is such a privilege to get to motivate and inspire fitness likeminded individuals! I am heavy into Social Media and you can definitely check out what I'm doing on Instagram: @ej_npc_physique Ill give you a follow back and don't be afraid to DM for whatever!  I'm also on Facebook: EJ Kaku (GodsWarrior) or my Athlete page EJ Fitness. 
Aloha and God Bless, EJ