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Featured Athlete Series

Featured Athlete Series
Luis Lebron
2017 NPC Jax Physique Classic Physique Athlete

After you competed in the Jax Physique what did you think of the experience?
The experience was really good and for being my first one I felt very happy with the outcome.
Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep?
Yes, at least 90%. I always want more and better.
Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?
This was my first competition and my plans for the future is to continue competing to get a pro card. This is my dream.
What would you say is your biggest source of inspiration and motivation?
My motivation and inspiration is my family who always gives me support and God because without him I could not have the motivation and the desire to accomplish my goals.
Plans to do another show? If so which one and what division if you currently know?
Yes, I already sing up for August 19 NPC in Orlando FL Deke Warner Florida State Championships in Men's Classic Physique Division A.
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