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Featured Athlete Series

Featured Athlete Zak Katine

1. After you competed in the Champion Harbor Classic what did you think of the experience?
I’ve competed at 6 shows and out of all the shows this was the best ran show I’ve ever competed at.
2. Did you accomplish the goals you had set out for that prep?
Yes and no. I wanted to get back on stage and compete at nationals after 3 years away from stage dealing with my Crohn’s disease. That I accomplished but the competitor in me would have liked to place higher.
3. Please share a little about your competition history in overview and plans for the future?
I have won 4 shows, took second this year at the Champion Harbor Classic, and placed 6th at nationals in 2013 and 13th this year. I’m going to take some time off right now to finish school and improve so, no set shows are on my mind but I will compete again once I finish school.
4. What you would say is your biggest source of inspiration and motivation?
My biggest motivation is myself. Having Crohn’s disease I am just trying to not be another statistic, so I strive every day to break the stigma that comes with the disease and hope to inspire some people along the way.

Zak Katine Bodybuilder NPC Champion Harbor Classic 2016

5. Plans to do another show? If so which one and what division if you currently know?
Of course, just not sure which show right at this moment and depending on how much size I put on with this time off will determine if I stay in bodybuilding or if I dab into classic physique or possibly do both.
6. What is the best way for fans to follow you?
Can follow me on facebook at Zak Katine, or Instagram mr.katine